The Most Impressive Feat in Game Show History

We’ve seen some astounding—perhaps even viral—feats in the world of game shows over the last few years.

The two that immediately come to mind are an amazing solve on Wheel of Fortune and an exact showcase bid on The Price is Right.

25kPyramidYet, while both of these certainly involved a measure of skill, they were also very lucky.  So much so, in fact, that Drew Carey’s, uh, muted response to the latter was due to his believing that the segment would never even air because the contestant had somehow rigged the Showcase Showdown (which wasn’t the case).

Educated guesses, yes.  But also lucky ones.

This, by contrast, is all skill:

Go back and watch that again to appreciate fully just how incredible that run was.

Billy Crystal’s work on Pyramid is well-known among game show aficionados.  He wasn’t limited to this one, record-setting feat (see below), but this was a match of two exceptionally talented players, rather than Crystal using his superior skill to elevate a decent partner.  To wit: He says “monkeys,” and she replies “things in a barrel.”

Ok, maybe that was a little lucky, too.

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