More Non-Consensual Fun with Animals

Don’t let the title alarm you.

A few weeks back, I discussed a controversial magic trick involving Chinese goldfish and possibly magnets.*  Another equally-impressive-slash-disturbing trick has come my way in the form of the video you see below.  I don’t want to give it away, so please watch it for yourself.  I suspect you’ll need to watch it twice.  I also don’t want to do any research on what I’m seeing on this video, so I have no idea if this footage is brand-new or ten years old.  The video was uploaded about three years ago.  That much I do know.  Here it is:

Here’s a different performance of the same trick, with a slightly better view of the minks dropping:

My theory: The fox-thing (wolf-thing?) is just a trained canid.  No problems there.  The minks (ferrets?) are held inside the coat, and are released by some mechanism controlled by the lady wearing it.  This mechanism also flips the fur panels on the outside of the coat at the same time, making it look like the released minks were clinging to the coat, rather than merely contained inside it.

In other words, the things you see hanging outside the coat aren’t really the minks.

I don’t really have a point, here.  I just wanted to post this video.

It’s either very cool or a little unsettling.

Ok, it’s both.


*In retrospect, it’s inexcusable that I failed to use the obvious headline “Animal Magnetism.”  That was a layup, and I bricked it.
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