Hugh Jackman is the Best Sport

HughJackmanPsyHugh Jackman is always up for whatever.

I was reminded of this fact when I heard that he’ll be the guest star (for the second time) on tonight’s episode of WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

Aside from the fact that he’s a fantastic, multi-talented actor, one of the things that makes Jackman so charismatic is that he seems like a genuinely good person who is grateful for—and humbled by—his success.  Most importantly, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

So, what is Jackman willing to do in the spirit of being the “goodest” of good sports?  Here are a few examples . . .

Hosting Monday Night Raw?  We just covered that!

Serving as the second for Zack Ryder (remember him?!?) against Dolph Ziggler (sad ditto)?  You got it!

Doing a hot lap for Top Gear?  That’s an easy one!

Helping a fan / stranger propose to his girlfriend?(!)  That’s just crazy enough to work!

Cricket, anyone?  Why, yes!  Even if it means a shot to the jewels!

Performing “Wolverine: The Musical” for the BBC?  Sure!

Being the special guest at a Richard Marx concert (in 2011!)?  Done and done!

Arm-wrestling with Jimmy Fallon?  Definitely!

Song-and-dance at the Academy Awards?  Can do!

Weightlifting contest against Ellen Degeneres?  Sure!

Being interviewed about your robot movie by a weirdo in a robot costume?  Ok, but maybe reel (steel) it in a little.

Judging a deep-cable tattoo artist competition show?  Uh . . .

Putting up with just about anything?  That too.

I would love to think that, if I were a supremely-talented and world-famous person, I would be a lot like Hugh Jackman: Generous with my time, extremely kind to and patient with those who admire my work, sincere in my appreciation for every opportunity I had been given, and grateful for the chance to connect with an audience—even an audience of one.

I mean, in actuality, I would probably wind up as a weird recluse.  But it’s fun to pretend!

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