Why I Never Read the Comments Section

This is why I live by a “never read the comments section” rule.

You can’t take too seriously what idiots on the Internet say.

Why?  Because the Internet makes people feel artificially disconnected, and that disconnect makes them behave in a way that is unnaturally bold, often saying inflammatory things for the sake of being inflammatory.

RobinsonCanoFor better and for worse, I am the same in “real life” as I am here, on the Internet.  A lot of people aren’t.  Especially folks who have strong opinions on sports or politics.

While they might be reasonable if actually dealing with the people or problem they claim to despise, they feel free to lob anonymous and outlandish comments from behind a keyboard at a safe distance.

In short, the Internet turns many people into monsters—or at least far-worse people than they actually are.

Courtesy of the Tonight Show, here is a video that perfectly captures that difference, and explains why I stick to the aforementioned rule:


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