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“Case Closed” on “Redskins” Rationale?

On Olbermann last night, host Keith Olbermann delivered a powerful anti-“Redskins” commentary tied both to the team’s ill-advised #RedskinsPride hashtag campaign, as well as a recent discovery that the team’s name was not chosen partially to honor head coach “Lone Star” … Continue reading

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“Make sure ‘MOUTH’ is in all-caps”

“Hey, remember Pop Rocks?  Kids like those, right?” “Well, sir, they’re still around, but they aren’t quite as popular as . . . ” “I loved them when I was a kid!” “Right, I was going to say they were … Continue reading

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Untimely Movie Review: Mrs. Miniver

I’ll confess that I knew almost nothing if Mrs. Miniver before I watched it.  About the only thing I was aware of was that it won Best Picture. So, with a blank slate, I dove in. As it turns out, Mrs. Miniver is about … Continue reading

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The WWE Has a Big Problem. Here’s the Solution. Really.

The WWE has a problem. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about anything related to stock value or corporate governance.  I’m referring specifically to the aspect of pro wrestling that matters most to me as a fan: Storytelling.  And, whether the creative … Continue reading

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Untimely Movie Review: The Maltese Falcon

The problem with The Maltese Falcon isn’t that it’s a movie based on a book, it’s that it’s a movie that feels like it’s based on a play. The 1941 film is one of the earliest, greatest examples of film noir.  It … Continue reading

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A “Free Speech” Misconception

If there’s an upside to having to listen to national arguments about “offensive” ideas on a weekly basis, it’s this:  The increasing frequency of those debates has highlighted a misguided point repeatedly made about “free speech.” The argument normally follows these … Continue reading

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We’re Doomed (Or: A Defense of President Obama)

A recent Robot History Month (a/k/a “April”) visit to Japan by President Obama sparked some consternation among right-leaning media outlets.   This bluster arose due to the fact that the president had the audacity to reciprocate a bow from an … Continue reading

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